April 27, 2018

Kink, Trauma, Transformation 12:30PM  -  1PM Kink, Trauma, Transformation 210 W 50th St, NYC

Kink, Trauma, Transformation

The intersection of kink and trauma, especially sexual trauma, is a source of perpetual angst and controversy, both within and outside of kink communities. At the same time, given the overwhelming prevalence of sexual trauma in the general population, paired with the growing
interest and general cultural awareness of kink, it is inevitable that people with trauma histories will be drawn to BDSM. Drawing from research on effective trauma work and evidence based practices, this workshop dispels harmful myths about the intersections of kink and trauma, and
examines not only how survivors can have a healthy relationship to BDSM, but also can find profound healing through kink, given the right set of circumstances.

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