The AltSex NYC Conference

The 7th annual and final AltSex NYC Conference was held (on Zoom) on Friday, May 13, 2022.

Organized and produced by Michael Aaron, PhD, LCSW, CST and Dulcinea Pitagora, PhD, LCSW, CST to provide a local arena for clinical and educational discourse around alternative sexual practices.

The phrase “alternative sexuality” is purposefully broad, and inclusive of non-conforming gender identifications and sexual orientations and an intersectionality of gender and sexual expressions.

The AltSex NYC Conference is a forum designed to disseminate information in a respectful, sex positive, and affirmative manner, including but not limited to kink and BDSM, polyamory and consensual non-monogamy, non-binary identifications, and non-traditional relationship and kinship structures.

The conference organizers and presenters are experts and professionals currently working clinically, teaching and conducting seminars, and/or conducting much needed research on the populations that have historically had access to minimal support and understanding of their lifestyles, behaviors, and relationship structures.

*PROGRAM APPROVED: The AltSexNYC Conference has been approved by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as a continuing education provider (# 0314) for licensed social workers. Attendees will receive 6 NYS SW CE credits.

*PROGRAM APPROVED: This program meets the requirements for the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 6 CE credits. These CE Credits may be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification. Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT Certification. For further information please contact

September 10, 2022

Dear AltSex NYC Community,

We are both saddened and celebratory to announce that the AltSex NYC Conference will not be renewing for another season. As we look back on the last seven years, we feel great pride at the positive contributions we’ve been able to make to the community by creating an open space for collaborative discussion, while platforming a variety of voices—both experienced academics and new students, people of numerous diverse sexualities, and marginalized communities. In light of this, we are pleased to say that we have achieved all of our goals and can move forward on a high note. In particular, this last year’s event was perhaps the best yet, cohesively exploring taboo and previously untouched topics.

We have received so much positive feedback from attendees year after year, and we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for inspiring and motivating us. We couldn’t have done it without you! It is our hope that our efforts have paved the way for further connections and events that will emerge to fill in our wake. We’re looking forward to engaging further in new and unplanned ways with the community we’ve helped foster, and participating with future the new projects and ideas we anticipate will emerge from this groundbreaking conference we all had a hand in creating.

Thank you all so much for taking this journey with us.

All our best,

Dulcinea and Michael


Michael Aaron, PhD, LCSW, CST
Licensed Psychotherapist, Sexologist, and Certified Sex Therapist
25 W. 45th St., Suite 401, New York, NY 10036
646 580-8640

Dulcinea Alex Pitagora, PhD, LCSW, CST, CST-S Founder

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