May 10, 2019

Barriers to Coming Out in Immigrant Communities 12PM  -  12:30PM Barriers to Coming Out in Immigrant Communities 210 W 50th St, NYC

Barriers to Coming Out in Immigrant Communities

As an immigrant from Iran and someone who identifies as polyamorous, queer and kinky, I have noticed different challenges in coming out to family than some of my peers who identify as white and were born in the United States. Most of the barriers I experienced felt personal until I noticed clients and other immigrant-identified peers reporting similar barriers. Most of the books, podcasts and articles I have read and listened to are created by folks who identify as white. As I read and listened to the books and podcasts, I felt a disconnect between the experiences described and the experiences I had and heard about. There is a strong duty to biological family (specifically parents), work and education in most immigrant communities. These duties take up time and money and can prevent a person from engaging in meet ups and parties. Additionally, most immigrant cultures are much older than American culture and traditions and expectations can sometimes be much harder to resist against. Folks who have left their countries of origin to start a new life in a new country are often resilient and curious but often struggle with the tension between tradition and new.

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