May 1, 2020

Diverse Sexual Behaviors in the United States 12:15PM  -  12:45PM Diverse Sexual Behaviors in the United States Zoom

Diverse Sexual Behaviors in the United States

Convenience samples, social media, and anecdotes suggest that sexual behaviors sometimes described as rough sex have become more common in the United States. However, little has been known about these behaviors at the population level. In a US nationally representative probability survey of Americans ages 14 to 40, we examined the prevalence of diverse sexual behaviors. We also examined the age at first pornography exposure as well as prevalence, range, and frequency of pornography use. In this talk, we will explore changing sexual behaviors in the United States with a focus on so-called “rough sex” behaviors. We will explore potential associations between these behaviors and pornography use as well as the extent to which people find certain rough sex and related behaviors appealing. Throughout we will consider the complexities of sexual consent and communication; how to educate and engage with others (especially young people) related to these sexual behaviors; as well as potential influences on these behaviors.

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