May 10, 2019

Domination after Dialysis 10:15AM  -  10:45AM Domination after Dialysis 210 W 50th St, NYC

Domination after Dialysis

This workshop focuses on ways that people managing chronic illness can use BDSM relationships as a source of resilience, confidence and strength during the adjustment period that necessarily follows major changes to the body. The workshop is presented using the transformative power of personal story telling and centers the story of my mother, whose late-life awakening as a domme was followed quickly by kidney cancer, surgery, and then complete kidney failure. Her use of peritoneal dialysis and her connections to the kink community in her city helped her take control over her body and see its changes in ways that gave her power. Key to her ability to do this was her relationship with a caregiver who was open to the role that BDSM played in her life. This workshop will provide tips for discussing alternative sexuality with caregivers, mindful that these caregivers are frequently family members.

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