May 14, 2021

Menopause – Agent of Queerness? 1:30PM  -  2PM Menopause – Agent of Queerness? Zoom

Menopause – Agent of Queerness?

We are still not taught properly about menopause, and much suffering is caused by both its sometimes slow, yet constantly surprising, appearance, and its impact on the body and sexual desire. Unfortunately, the way menopause is portrayed in the mainstream media is highly cis het normative and ageist, and is alienating to many queer people (and to many cis het folk too).
At the same time, we can’t ignore the impact of the changes that age and menopause bring. To continue to have sex, (if we wish to), people need to be creative and above all adaptive. This creativity can herald a new time of sexual exploration. There are positive things: no more periods, no more pregnancy (if wished), and for some the evolution of sexuality and gender identity. Thus menopause can invite the ageing human to welcome in a newly queered sexual self.

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