May 10, 2019

Sex Work After SESTA 3:15PM  -  4:15PM Sex Work After SESTA 210 W 50th St, NYC

Sex Work After SESTA

In April of 2018, Congress passed one of the most sweeping blows to the health, safety and human rights of people who trade sex in recent memory. In a vast expansion of civil liability through imprecise language and hyperbolic public rhetoric, Congress made it almost impossible for websites which offered some of the most essential and life-saving harm reduction tool to sex workers to operate. Since the bill’s passage, the sex worker community has faced loss of income, increased vulnerability to violence and exploitation, and death. But this bill did not create vulnerability for sex workers – it greatly exacerbated the stigma, violence and abuse that sex workers face every day. This talk will delve into the bill, both its rhetoric and its impact, as well as how it is just the most recent in a long story of sex workers voices and community being silenced, and the harm that results.

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