May 14, 2021

Tracing Masculinities through European Gay Ethnic Pornography 2:15PM  -  2:45PM Tracing Masculinities through European Gay Ethnic Pornography Zoom

Tracing Masculinities through European Gay Ethnic Pornography

As a relatively common phenomenon in European representations of gay sexuality and masculinity, ‘ethnic’ pornography has been a constantly growing market over the last 30 years. As part of this phenomenon, Germany has also produced around 49 films of gay ‘ethnic’ pornography that are produced in Turkey. All of these films were produced by two companies, in Germany, owners of which have Turkish immigration background, except for one German national. These productions are of additional critical importance and represent a radical shift in contemporary aesthetics of gay ‘ethnic’ pornography as the producers and directors are of Turkish descent, which creates a contrast to earlier examples of gay ‘ethnic’ pornography in Europe. Especially, at a time when the public image of gay culture is becoming more and more liberal and mainstream both in Europe and specifically in Germany, and when the Turkish immigrant community appears to be irreversibly embedded into the German culture, my proposed research enables the analysis of how these two different sexual and cultural spaces define and produce alterity through masculine body representations, then and now. These points also appear as spaces of freedom, which are not much different to the spaces of freedom created through sex tourism while also referring to how these spaces sanctify the heteronormativity of the Western social body. My paper will propose reading masculinities through this cross-cultural exchange between Germany and Turkey while exposing the specific examples of gay ‘ethnic’ pornography. To this end, I will engage with both archival and critical analysis of these productions.

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